Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wedding Trend Report: 2014

The wedding season of 2014 is upon us and there are quite a few new trends that we haven’t seen yet that are coming to light. 

Here is a list of things we will see this year that we haven’t seen much of before…

  • Color: Deep blue, navy blue, royal blue and teal are some of the top hues of this year. Check out these awesome dendrobium orchids that combine all of these colors in one!  
  • Venues: Drama is hot right now and high ceilings, big picture windows and gorgeous views are as dramatic as they get. The higher the ceiling, the better!

  • Yee Haw: Rustic is in! Burlap, baby’s breath, bales of hay, lace and mason jars are all the rage.

  • Great F. Scott!: The Great Gatsby made its way into our hearts last year and now everyone is channeling their inner 1920’s vintage style. Lots of draping, lush fabrics, beads and feathers.
  • Light it Up: Light up letters or words in the form of a marquee are very in. Whether it be the couple’s name, or a cute word or saying, seeing it lit up in lights is all the rage.

  • The Bigger the Better: Brides want their centerpieces large and in charge. It’s got to be large, and it has got to be dripping with crystals to make a statement.
  • Eat Cake: Smooth cakes are a thing of the past, in are the cakes with texture! And what would go perfect on the layers of a textured cake? Flowers of course…
  • Lastly, Symbols: Couples want to make their day extra special and a way to do this is to add little personal touches to everything. Check out these location cufflinks and a memory charm added to your bouquet for someone you want to have with you on your big day.


Keep your eyes open this year for these fun trends!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Honoring Those That Have Passed

Amanda+Nick's Wedding Day

Ceremony and Reception: Western Lakes Golf Club, Pewaukee
Florist: Bank of Memories & Flowers
Month: August

When honoring important people that have passed on, most bridal couples have used flowers as a representation of the deceased be it a single rose or an arrangement of flowers. Sometimes a candle is lit in their memory.  Amanda and Nick decided to use lockets to honor Nick’s father.

Nick’s bouttoniere of a peach spray rose and babies breath was wrapped in ivory ribbon and a locket with his dad’s picture was added.  His groomsmen, 1 of the ushers, the ring bearer and 1 of his grandfathers (all his relatives) wore babies breath with the stems wrapped in mint and had his father’s picture added to the stem.  The rest of the gentlemens bouttonieres were matching without the locket.  Nick’s mother and grandmothers corsages, a mix of spray roses and babies breath on an ivory pearl band, also had the locket incorporated in them.

The overall theme of their wedding was Vintage. The flowers Amanda chose for her bouquet were soft and romantic, a combination peach stock and spray roses, soft pink dahlias, fragrant gardenias, lambs ear and babies breath.  The stems were wrapped with fabric from her mother’s wedding dress and veil and we added her 
grandmother’s brooch to finish it off.

Amanda’s bridesmaids wore mint green dresses and carried a mix of peach and blush spray roses and babies breath and the stems were wrapped in matching mint ribbon.  A locket with each girls’ name finished off the bouquet.

For the reception flowers, Amanda and Nick brought in to us milk white vases that we added a single spray rose stem and babies breath.  Each table had 3 vases in the center which added to the romantic ambiance to their reception.  

Congratulations to Nick and Amanda,  all of us at Bank of Memories & Flowers were so thrilled to be able to share your wedding day.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Splendor Gala

The 24th annual Spring Splendor Golden Anniversary Gala was held this year on May 3rd at the Washington Country Fair Park Pavilion. The Community Memorial Hospital Foundation puts on a gala every year and this year the proceeds all went to the Emergency Room at the Hospital.

The Pavilion was transformed into an elegant and luminous room, catering to over 300 people. Bank of Memories & Flowers is the preferred florist of the Foundation and has been for many years. This year, we generously donated beautiful flowers for the table centerpieces. The simplicity of the white dendrobium orchids paired with the glitzy rhinestone ribbon band and a floating candle literally made the gala sparkle.

Congratulations to Community Memorial Hospital on 50 Years of Caring!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Recreating Wedding Bouquets for an Anniversary

 Shop Owners, Grandparents 1945

Shop Owner's Grandma and Aunts 1946

At Bank of Memories & Flowers we love to study old wedding photos from so many different eras, 20's, 40's, 60's even the 80's.   Each bouquet was chosen with great detail for that time, either by what was available or the current trends.  

An unique gift for your parent's wedding anniversary is to recreate their wedding flowers.  If you are throwing an 25th or 50th party,  wouldn't it be extra special to have the exact wedding bouquet your mother carried and a boutonniere for your dad displayed with their wedding photos? It's not as hard as you might think.  At Bank of Memories & Flowers we can take a photo from their wedding day and recreate the exact wedding bouquet.  

For your anniversary, husbands can step up their flower giving. Instead of sending traditional red roses, why not recreate your wife's wedding bouquet?  Next anniversary surprise her with the exact flowers she picked out for her wedding day.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Amazing Prom Flowers

Don't Forget Your Date's Prom Flowers

At Bank of Memories & Flowers, our customers embrace our new designs of boutonnière and corsages. We offer a huge display of different corsage bands and accents to match!  Your flowers will truly be a different, fresh, and a one of a kind masterpiece! Order early...and do NOT wait until the final days before the prom to do so. We want to create the perfect flowers and so less time means less options. 

Post your pictures of your flowers and tag us on Facebook or email us at to enter in a chance to win a $25 gas card!!