Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bridal Fair THIS Weekend!

Planning a wedding but feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the details you need to decide and phone calls you need to make? Don't you just wish there was a place where you could talk to numerous vendors all in the same day under the same roof?

Don't miss out!  Plan your entire wedding in one day at the 15th Annual Bridal Fair of Washington County, taking place this Sunday, January 25th! The event takes place in the Ziegler Family Expo Center on the Washington County Fair Grounds in West Bend, Wisconsin. There will be over 80 unique vendors in attendance and a full runway fashion show put on by Amelishan Bridal.  All of the bouquets featuring in the show will be from Bank of Memories & Flowers!

Date: Sunday, January 25, 2015
Time: 11am to 3pm
Cost: Only $6.00 and children under 12 free

A few tips to prepare you before the Bridal Show:
  •  After walking away from a vendor, take notes that will help you distinguish him or her (when you get home everything will blend together!)
  • Take photos of booths/items (where allowed) that you like and hold up a business card in the photo so that you can remember where you saw it
  • Bring address labels -- many vendors will have you fill out information about yourself and this will save you lots of time (and writing!)
  • Bring your calendar to book consultations on the spot (they fill up fast!)
  • Make sure to plan enough time -- sitting down halfway through will help you regroup
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes
  • Bring one or two friends or family members (an entourage is just going to slow you down)
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Krista, Menomonee Falls Shop Manager


Roses are Red...and Lavender and Yellow and Pink and...

Roses are one of the most well known and popular cut flowers to have every graced the vase. These classically beautiful blooms have been revered and celebrated in song and story for over 5000 years.  William Shakespeare mentions the rose over 70 times in his plays and sonnets. More than 4000 songs have been written about roses.  In the Victorian era, roses (as well as other flowers) were used as a secret language between those who found it hard to openly express their feelings. It was  the original way to "Say it with flowers"!

At Bank of Memories & Flowers, we have the opportunity of seeing people saying it with flowers every day.  Bright and cheery tulips and gerbera daisies exclaim "Happy Birthday" or pink and blue blossoms say "Congratulations on the birth of your baby" or on a more somber note, white roses and lilies express sympathy at funerals or memorial services.  And as always, the red rose professes deep emotions by saying "I love you".  But there are many other colors of roses and they each mean something different!
Red rose = I love you
 White Rose = Innocence, Purity and Truth or "I Miss You"
 Yellow Rose = Friendship, Congratulations
Light Pink Rose = Happiness, Joy between Lovers
Pale Pink Rose = Graciousness, Gentleness, Thankfulness

Deep Pink Rose = Thank You, Also used to symbolize the fight against Breast Cancer

 Lilac/Lavender Rose = Fell in Love at First Sight

 Peach = Great Appreciation, Gratitude

 Orange = Excitement, Desire

There are so many options other than red to tell those you love how you feel.
This Valentine's Day, why not use the many varying colors of roses to tell your story or sing your song?!
Luan, Pewaukee Shop Manager

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nancy + Noah = Classic Elegance

A historic cathedral-style church. A beautiful lace dress. A bride and groom that could not have looked happier. These are just a few of the aspects of this mid-October wedding which exuded elegance and class in each and every detail. 

The flowers Nancy chose echoed the elegantly refined feel of the day beautifully. Her bouquet consisted of pure white roses, hydrangea, and seeded eucalyptus with variegated greenery used throughout. 

An heirloom rosary was also included in the bridal bouquet, cascading down the ivory satin ribbon which was adorned with love knots. 

The bridesmaids, who each wore a simply sophisticated tea-length navy satin dress, carried bouquets which echoed the brides' with the addition of burgundy hypericum berries throughout. The creamy white, seasonal burgundy and light gray-blue foliage of the seeded eucalyptus complemented the girls' navy color perfectly.

 The morning ceremony took place at Old St. Mary's in downtown Milwaukee, a place full of elegance and refinement all on its own! We had the distinct honoring of handing the flowers to the bride herself and assist in the pinning of boutineers and the distributing of corsages. We were fortunate enough to watch the bride and groom have their "first look" within the church prior to the ceremony -- Nancy was absolutely stunning! What a spectacular moment!

Once all was set at the church, our crew moved on to the reception hall. The brunch reception was held at the Milwaukee Athletic Club (again downtown) in a grandiose ballroom with high ceilings and exquisite chandeliers.

The couple had decided on two different centerpieces to adorn the tables: half of them were constructed of curly willow branches and fresh flowers in a tall pilsner vase on site and the other half were each a rather compact floral arrangement done in a much shorter cylindrical vase. 

Both of the centerpiece variations contained elements which were present in the brides' and bridesmaids' bouquets and looked magnificent against the navy blue linens! The varying heights also really helped to add interest to the room and make it not feel quite as large and overwhelming. 

All in all, it was truly a gorgeous day and we returned to the shop feeling a bit more elegant than when we had left :) But nothing puts a smile on our face quite like hearing back from a bride months after her "big day". Nancy recently sent us a postcard with a wonderful photo of her and Noah on the front. On the back she mentions that "the flowers were amazingly beautiful!" Those words are music to our ears and mean the world to us.

So Nancy and Noah, thank YOU from the bottom of all of our hearts here at Bank of Memories & Flowers for giving us the distinct honor and pleasure to be part of such an exceptional day in both of your lives. We wish you many many years of happiness and may you find the "elegance" in every day!

Violet, Social Media Coordinator/Florist


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fact or Fiction: How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh

How many of us have heard the advice "add a little sugar or vodka to your vase to help keep your flowers fresh?"  There are many myths when it comes to keeping your cut flowers fresh, but what method really works and which ones are just tales? At Bank of Memories & Flowers, we have put it to the test and have investigated what is really true. 

An aspirin (not ibuprofen), dissolved in the water seems to somewhat lengthen the life of the flowers. The acidic nature of the aspirin helps water flow through the stems. If using this method, just be sure to snip a bit off the ends of the stems each day to keep the tissues open.


This myth has some factual evidence to back it up. Since copper is a fungicide, adding a penny to the vase water helps protect your flowers from bacteria. The antibacterial chemical base of the substance contained in our packets of flower food works much the same way. When using a penny, it is recommended that you also add something of an acidic nature (such as the aspirin above) to encourage water flow.


Using a little bleach serves the same purpose as the penny since bleach kills bacteria. However, be careful not to use too much as the bleach will also cause the flower stems to turn white. Like with the penny, adding an acidic element is suggested to increase the water flow in the stems; many people use lemon juice, lemon-lime soda or vinegar along with the bleach to accomplish this. Keep in mind a little bleach goes a long way.

When the stem of a flower is cut, it immediately begins to receive less nutrients than it was before due to the fact that photosynthesis has stopped. The process of photosynthesis basically creates a "sugar" of sorts for the plant so therefore, adding sugar to your vase water will help to give your flowers the nutrients they need to remain alive and vibrant. Keep in mind, however, that sugar also encourages the growth of bacteria. This bacteria can cause a bad odor and can lead to quite a quick death of your fresh cut flowers. Therefore, if you are going to go the sugar route, be sure to include a penny or bleach to help combat this bacteria.

Believe it or not, the use of vodka in vase water helps to slow down the ripening rate of the blooms. Use in moderation, however, as too much can kill your flowers (or make them drunk! ha ha). Just a few drops will do the trick!

So which method do you think you'll try in your next fresh arrangement? Whichever one you choose, just be sure to do so in moderation -- too much of a good thing is never good! Adding any of the above in amounts too large may have the opposite affect and leave you with a vase full of dead flowers. If you do happen to give any of these tricks a try, be sure and come back to share your findings in the comments below! What's our advice? The most important thing your fresh flowers crave is a fresh cut every other day and fresh, clean water. This will help to encourage water uptake through the stems and keep your flowers vibrant and long-lasting. 

Melissa Maas, Owner

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cheery Cinerarias

Cinerarias just arrived!!! This blooming plant sports daisy-like flowers in both double and single blooms. The compact foliage explodes with blossoms in shades of pink, white, red, purple or even my favorite: blue!  You'll see we carry these blooming plants until April. They grow outdoors in warmer areas and Sunset magazine even calls them one of the best plants for cool season color.

For best results, put these indoor plants in a north-facing window getting a few hours of filtered light each day. Cinerarias tend to be a bit fussy about watering; for best results, allow the plant to dry out between waterings. Also, be very careful to avoid any water on the plant's leaves as they are extremely susceptible to mildew.

I think these cheery beauties are a perfect, vibrant colored plant that will bring a little sunshine to any space. Their blossoms can make for a stunning, cheerful and long-lasting present, living for quite a long time!  Stop into Bank of Memories & Flowers to see some of our stunning new arrivals or give us a call to have one sent to someone who could use some cheering up!

Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year -- full of cheer!!!

Krista, Menomonee Falls manager