Monday, January 25, 2016

Dance Time Again!

It's dance time again at Bank of Memories & Flowers, and it's not Homecoming or Prom.  For some it's their Winter Formal or Senior Ball.  But for the rest it's Sadie Hawkins, Turnabout or TWIRP. 

TWIRP, which stand for The Woman IRequired to Pay, originated in the 1930's.  The dance started out as Sadie Hawkins Day, named for a spinster character in the L'il Abner cartoon strip.  In the comic dated Nov. 15, 1937, Sadie's father, tired of her not being married, declared Sadie Hawkins Day, a day when unmarried girls were in a footrace with the town's bachelors.  If Sadie (or the girls) caught her bachelor, they would then be betrothed.  That comic was a hit and within 2 years, high schools and colleges across the United States held Sadie Hawkins Days, which then morphed into todays Sadies dances.

The Sadie Hawkins dance (or Turnabout or TWIRP) was a chance for young ladies to take the initiative and ask a young man to the dance.  It was empowering for the ladies of the '30's and was one of the first examples of women's liberation.

Today, high school girls dream up fun ways to ask their dates to the dance and are traditionally required to pay for the festivities of the evening.  Of course, the couple can bend the traditions to fit their situation.

Everyone at both locations at Bank of Memories & Flowers is here to help each couple choose everything needed for their corsages, boutonnieres and hand tied bouquets.  We are fully stocked with pretty wrist bands of beads, rhinestones and pearls, fun rhinestone or beaded accents, colorful ribbons and fresh flowers.  We also have garters that can be personalized to match your flowers.  

Whether a dance or a ball, Bank of Memories & Flowers is your one stop shop for all of your floral needs.

Luan M. Kurriger
Manager, Pewaukee
Bank of Memories & Flowers

Monday, January 18, 2016

Krista's Pick for Winter Bloomers!!

Winter can be a cold and dreary time of the year here in Wisconsin, but I've got some great blooming plants to brighten up this chilly season!

Cinerarias have many little daisy-like blooms and come in many bright shades including magenta, red, purple, blue, and even white!  They do well in the winter months because they thrive in cool temperatures around 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit.  Cinerarias prefer bright, indirect sunlight and like to stay moist at all times.

Kalanchoes are one of my favorites because they are so easy to care for.  They prefer bright direct sunlight and like to dry out between waterings.  They come in a variety of vibrant colors including red, orange, yellow, and hot pink!

Phalaenopsis orchids are just so elegant!!  Many people think they are hard to care for, but actually, they are quite simple.  They will flourish indoors with moderate, indirect sunlight and only need about 2 ice cubes per week.  My only suggestion is to make sure you don't over-water orchids.  They do not like any standing water in the bottom of their containers.

Cyclamen are sometimes called the poor man's orchid.  You can find them in a variety of shades of pink, red and white.  They prefer bright, indirect sunlight and moist soil.  Their vibrant blossoms and interesting leaves make this plant a popular indoor blooming plant choice.

African violets come in many varieties with flowers ranging from white and light pink, to violets, blues, and purples.  Foliage varies from dark green to lighter variegated leaves, and most have a deep purple tone underneath the leaves.  They enjoy indirect bright light and a slightly moist soil.

So stop in and brighten up someone's day with a colorful winter blooming plant!

Krista Roskopf
Manager, Menomonee Falls

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Wonderful Wedding Show!

Wonderful World of Weddings
State Fair Park
West Allis, WI
January 9th - 10th, 2016

It's hard to think of summer wedding flowers in January, but's time...time to start prepping and planning for those warm weather nuptials!   Bank of Memories & Flowers was proud and excited to be a part of the 2016 Wonderful World of Weddings show last weekend at State Fair Park.  Our booth featured a wide selection of stunning wedding bouquets, from simple and elegant, to over-the-top wildflowers with an abundance of colors and textures.

If you didn't get a chance to attend the show and visit us at our's what you missed!

Congratulations to everyone who recently got engaged!  We look forward to meeting you and helping make your wonderful wedding dreams come true!

Wendy Kaye Walker
Floral Designer
Bank of Memories & Flowers

Monday, January 4, 2016

A Winter Wedding Wonderland

Jaclyn and Jason

Month: December
Ceremony and Reception: Rotunda, Waukesha
Florist: Bank of Memories & Flowers
Photographer: Cream City Weddings

With the spirit of Christmas around them, Jaclyn and Jason said their I Do's on December 12th.  The smell of fresh pine was in the air on this perfect winter wonderland day.

The groom's daughter was beaming with excitement.  She personally wrote her chalkboard sign that she carried down the aisle, announcing the arrival of the bride.

The couple incorporated winter details like a picture kissing booth under the mistletoe, wooden mugs to do their toasts, and holiday cheer around every corner.

The blinged out bouquets had deep red roses, fresh cedar, gray brunia, cream roses, red ranunculus, seeded eucalyptus, scarlet berries and angle hair twigs. Sparkling rhinestones where added to some of the roses and the handle was covered with a band of rhinestones.

Thank you Jaclyn and Jason for letting Bank of Memories & Flowers be a part of your special day.

~Melissa Maas
Bank of Memories & Flowers