Monday, April 25, 2016

Meet Chloe!

Flowers are not the only thing in our store that can bring you Chloe, our shop cat!  She's the only full-time resident of the Menomonee Falls store, and she really has it made!  Her favorite past times include eating, sun-bathing, and napping in boxes.  Her favorite flower is Lisianthus...we know this because she likes to sneak into the cooler to munch on it!

You may see her sitting in the window, exploring the store, or her favorite...catching a "Cat Nap" in a cardboard box.  Wherever she is in the store, there are many benefits to having a pet in your workplace.

Pets help reduce stress....who could possibly be upset after staring into a puppies eyes, or snuggling up to a furry cat!   They also seem to bring a bit of joy, even when our customers come in to see us for sympathy flowers...petting Chloe seems to ease their mind and make them feel better.

Chloe is also a bit of a mascot for us (and no, she's not really for sale...we were just having some fun with her!)  Everyone loves seeing pictures of her, and what she's up to in the store.  Some of our customers and their children love to come into the shop, just to visit Chloe!

She is quite the local celebrity around here!  Next time you need flowers or a gift, stop in and say hello to Chloe!

Wendy Walker
Floral Designer
Bank of Memories & Flowers

Monday, April 18, 2016

Show Your Appreciation for Administrative Professional's Week!

Administrative Professional's Week is just around the corner!  It runs from April 24th - 30th.

Nothing says "Thank You" quite like beautiful fresh flowers, they really get everyone at the office talking!  This cute desktop design is a long-lasting, bold and bright arrangement in a sweet, compact design.

The gift of flowers is the perfect expression of gratitude.  For the busy business owner, taking a few minutes to give us a call and send flowers is a special gesture because your admin knows better than anyone, how busy your job is!  

Sending fresh flowers, lush dishgardens and green plants, or a vibrant blooming plant will not only brighten up the recipients day, it will bring a bit of cheer to everyone in the office this Administrative Professional's Week!     

Krista Roskopf
Menomonee Falls Store Manager

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Toxic Plants


Quite frequently, as florists we get asked if certain plants are toxic, and the answer is YES!  So I have decided to create a list of toxic plants and flowers that are most common in house plants and in our northern region.


By definition, toxic means that a toxin or poison is capable of causing injury or death.  If a young child or animal has ingested any of these plants listed below, it is important to call your local poison control center and seek medical attention immediately.



All parts of the plants or flowers are considered toxic, unless otherwise specified.

Aloe Vera
Angels Trumpet
Asparagus Fern (the shoot, berries0
Bittersweet (the leaf, fruit)
Cactus (the spine)
Castor Bean
Chinese lantern (the leaf, unripe fruit)
Creeping Charlie
Daffodil (the bulb)
English Ivy
Gladiola (the bulb)
Horse Chestnut
Hyacinth (the bulb)
Jerusalem Cherry (the leaf, unripe fruit)
Lily of the Valley
Narcissus (the bulb)
Peace Lily
Peony (the roots, flowers, seeds)
Potato (the sprouts, vine, unripe tubers, green skin)
Rhubarb (the leaf)
Trumpet Lily
Vinca Vine
Wild Mushrooms

Peace Lily

~Melissa Maas
Bank of Memories & Flowers

*source: Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Poison Center. Toll Free 1-800-222-1222

Monday, April 4, 2016

Milwaukee's Magnificent Bride

Milwaukee's Magnificent Bride Wedding Show has been making wedding dreams come true for over a decade.  This year Bank of Memories & Flowers was personally invited to participate with some of the top premiere wedding vendors in the Milwaukee area.  The event took place at the historic Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee.

Our booth was covered in textural greens, quicksand nude colored roses, succulents and deep wine colored roses.  Dramatic over-sized lanterns where nestled all over the booth filled with candles and fresh greens.  Our dramatic 8 foot long floral piece hovered on top of gold vases, hanging crystals and glass globes swayed to add more ambiance.

We created a few of our favorite bridal bouquets that we displayed in the booth.  We can't decide which one was our favorite!

The highlight of the event for us was our fantasy table where we collaborated with other venders to create a gorgeous themed table.  Bank of Memories & Flowers, Paper Envy, BBJ Linen and Canopies all came together to create this very special look for a sweetheart table or a parents table.  The fresh flowers table runner was filled with over 50 hydrangeas and 100 roses, it was stunning!

Form more information in this fabulous event, check out their Website and Facebook Page.

~Melissa Maas
Bank of Memories & Flowers