Monday, March 27, 2017

Amazing Benefits of Houseplants

House Plants….here at Bank of Flowers we love them. Why do we love them you ask??? Well, not only are they a longer lasting gift option than a fresh arrangement, they also beautify the home.  But most importantly, they provide many benefits to our health and wellness.  

What are the Health and Wellness Benefit of Plants?  Research has shown that plants remove toxins from the air.  NASA (yes NASA!) has come up with a list of plants that are best at removing toxic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene from our environment.  The 3 top air cleaners you ask??? They are the florist chrysanthemum, the peace lily, and the red-edge dracena, all available at Bank of Flowers!

Another benefit to having house plants is that they provide us with an oxygen rich environment. Through photosynthesis, plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.  A few of these plants not only do this during the day but also in the evening.  The bromeliad, the succulent, and my personal favorite, the orchid plant are wonderful for increasing oxygen in the house during day and evening hours.

Plants increase humidity in the air by releasing moisture vapor.  As a result, having indoor plants actually helps prevent certain illnesses.  Increased humidity levels in the air helps to lower health problems like dry cough, colds, sore throats, and dry skin.  They are the perfect cure for our long Wisconsin winters (Buurrr!!!!)

How many plants do I need?  How do you create this refreshing, calming, purifying, humidity enriched-environment at home? The recommendation is slightly different based on your goal.  If your goal is to improve your health and decrease stress then one 8” diameter pot every 130 square feet is recommended.  If your goal is to purify the air around your home then it is recommended that there be a larger plant ( 6-8” pot size) or 2 smaller (4-5" pots) every 100 square feet.

What if you don’t have a "Green Thumb"?  It's OK, not all of us at Bank of Flowers have green thumbs either.  Most of us figure out what plants work best in our homes simply through trial and error.  The point is to just try one and see.  We can help you to find a plant that fits the space in your home, your level of sun exposure, and what level of care you can provide; or if there is a particular plant you’re looking for we can help with that too.  Just because you don’t see it in the shop doesn’t mean we can’t get it for you.  Please ask as we are here to help!!

Here are some of the plants that we care for and love in our own homes!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Seven Seas Wedding!

Rebecca and Brett = Red Hot LOVE

Month: September
Florist: Bank of Flowers
Photographer: Caitlin Stemper
Ceremony: Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Menomonee Falls
Reception: Seven Seas, Hartland

This wedding is one of those where we just didn't know which photos to choose for our blog!  Every single shot is better than the next, thanks to their photographer, Caitlin Stemper.  Rebecca and Brett are captured just as they really are, playful and very much in love.  

Rebecca simply glowed with her gorgeous long brunette locks and ruby red lips!  Her dress was perfection with an illusion lace top and long draping fabric that flowed in the wind.   We loved how the red bridesmaid dresses popped off of the lush green landscape in her photos.

Rebecca's flowers were  full of texture with white astilbe, red dahlias, ruby roses, white hydrangeas, burgundy leucadendron and seeded eucalyptus.  The men wore rose boutonnieres in the opposite color of their pocket squares, a red rose for the groom, and white roses for the groomsmen. 

We were excited to be a part of this couple's special day, and even more delighted when the photos arrived!  Congratulations Rebecca and Brett! 

Melissa Maas
Bank of Flowers



Monday, March 13, 2017

Milford Hills Wedding

Jessica and Sean

Month: June
Florist: Bank of Flowers
Photographer: Defining 78 
Ceremony and Reception:  Milford Hills Hunt Club, Johnson Creek

It may take a little time to get to Milford Hills Hunt Club, but it is worth the drive.  This sanctuary with breathtaking views was the perfect spot for Jessica and Sean to say their "I Do's".

Jessica and Sean have such a sweet story of their relationship, these two were made for each other.  Being in the real estate business together, it is not surprising that they found their dream home before they were even married.  Sean literally proposed right on one knee in front of the "For Sale" sign. 

For their decorations, Jessica played off the natural elements of Milford Hills and brought birch branches into her ceremony arch and reception centerpieces. Her bridal bouquet was created with an abundance of textures and greens.  Pops of succulents complimented the blush and nude tones of the roses, and matched their dresses perfectly.

This fun and loving couple made so many memories this day, and we are so honored that we were a part of it.  Congratulations to Jessica and Sean!

Melissa Maas
Bank of Flowers