Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Flowers

Maybe a new trend for weddings for 
Bank of Memories & FlowersHerbs

One of my favorite part of watching the Olympics ever since I was a little girl is the award ceremony when the Olympians recieve their metal and their bouquet of flowers! 2012 Olympic Medal Winners in London will receive these nosegay bouquets. The roses and herbs (rosemary, lavender, and apple mint) in the bouquet are 100% British grown. The bouquets were designed by Jane Packer (pictured below), an internationally renowned UK florist who unexceptionally died during the final stages of preparation for the Olympics.  Her design and vision will live on and will be made with the help of floristry students across the country. 4,400 "Victory" bouquets will be made this Olympics. 
~ By Melissa Maas, Owner

Jane Packer

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Teleflora Make Someone Smile

This week marks Teleflora's Make Someone Smile week, July 22-28, 2012.  Together with thousands of other local Teleflora florist we will deliver over 30,000 mugs who deserve a smile.  Here in Wisconsin we delivered almost 1,700 mugs.  This morning I had the honor to deliver over 700 mugs to the VA Medical Hospital in Milwaukee with my Bank of Memories & Flowers Team.  Every patient in the entire hospital received a mug!  Each mug had a hand written message personalized by each florist thanking them for serving our country or sending them good wishes.  One of the veterans that I gave a mug to said with a tear "Being so far from home and not getting any visitors, this is so nice that someone thought of me." 

-Melissa Maas

  700+ mugs ready to go

Florist from around the state help make the mugs

 Personal messages for every patient 

An amazing amount of flowers!

Bank of Memories & Flowers Crew Ready to Unload
Marcia, Sam, Wayne our delivery driver (Vitnam Veteran) and shop owner Melissa

 It took 5 van full of the 700+ mugs to deliver to the VA Hospital

 Melissa delivering to the very happy Veterans, Smile!

Our 1,700 Wisconsin mugs went to hospital patients, nursing home residents, Meals on Wheels recipients and many others.   Thank you to Teleflora for donating all the mugs, our local wholesalers, the VA Medical Center (Brain Walker you are the best!) and all the florist who donated their time.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Erin Hills Wedding, One of a Kind

Amy and Ben were married July 22, 2012 on a relaxing Sunday at the Emmanuel Community United Methodist Church in Menomonee Falls and their reception was at the Erin Hills Golf Course.    

Phone, text and email is the only way Amy and I communicated to created her vintage-garden themed flowers.  Being that my bride lived in San Francisco, we planned her dream wedding flowers just in a few months in her home town of Menomonee Falls.  I just loved hearing her excitement over the phone when I sent her a pictures via text of ideas I had.

Amy and Ben are one of a kind by having the only wedding at Erin Hills Golf Course, the future site of the 2017 US Open.  It was a special intimate day filled with such personal detail.

-Melissa Maas

Bride's Flowers:
Lavender lizzy and freesia, white stock and mini garden roses, lavender and queen anne's lace finished off with antique buttons on the handle.

The Bridesmaids:
White hydrangea, fuchsia stock, light purple lizzy and fresh lavender.

Alter Flowers

Pew flowers placed on every pew

Center Pieces- vintage bottles filled with garden flowers.

Their Favors - So Them! LOVE

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Weekend, Wedding Day!

Every Saturday, most Fridays and even a few Sundays you will find the girls at Bank of Memories & Flowers servicing a wedding.  We wanted to walk you through the exciting process of our weekend, Wedding Day! 
Our day begins well into the morning as the "Saturday Girls" CeCi and Nicole carefully check over every single flower placed and designed for our Bride and Groom.

Time to pull up the large work van and load it up.  Krista and I (Melissa) will be servicing today.
 The trick is how to get all the precious cargo in the van without damaging a single flower.  These hot days have been a challenge too, air conditioning needs to be on full blast.

Krista is ready to take us to our destination. So far right on time, thank goodness for GPS.

Time to unload.       

Getting the arch assembled.  Clock is ticking.

Filling up the arch full of flowers. 

Ready for show time.

Beautiful little glass vases hang on the edge of the chairs down the aisle.

 Close up of the Brides Bouquet: 
Orange Gerbera Daisies, Yellow mini cymbidiums orchids and mini garden roses, large hot pink garden roses and accents of deep blue Delphinium. 
The finishing touch of little rhinestones in some of the flowers.

I fluff the Brides dress; my favorite part.
Another Bride down the aisle on her perfect day.

We can breath...the wedding has begun.

Last minute touches on her centerpieces.
They were amazing! 21 tables.

Cakes arrived, time to place the flowers.

High Five! We did it...another wedding complete.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Western Lake Golf Club Wedding

It was a busy weekend at the shop last weekend.  We had 5 weddings at the Menomonee Falls flower shop alone!  I just love wedding season.  

I had the pleasure to serves Jill and Eric wedding on July 14th.   They were married and had their reception at Western Lakes Golf Club in Pewaukee, right on the golf green!  It was amazing to see the green grass pop off her beautiful color combination after this drought this summer.  I am so glad so many of my brides have had no rain on their wedding day.

Many of you might be wondering what that orange flower is in her bouquet; it is a orange pin cushion protia flown in from Hawaii.  Jill also had purple stock, orange dahlias, lime green hypericum berries and kermit mums.  Here are just a few snap shots that I took with my camera.

-Melissa Maas

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Polish Center Of Wisconsin Wedding

I get so excited when I get to service a wedding.  I feel like everything comes together after the months of planning and emailing back and forth with my bride... magic happens. 

Matt and Kelly where married June 30th at Mount Zion Lutheran Church in Wauwatosa and their reception was at the Polish Center of Wisconsin in Franklin (a place I hold near to my heart - where I was wed).  Kelly chose such fun complimentary colors of bright cobalt blue and sunshine yellow, making the flowers pop off her bridesmaids dresses.  Her yellow gerbera daisys, billy balls, daisies and roses bouquet were perfecto for a summer wedding!

-Melissa Maas


Thank you to Emily Bee Arts for these amazing pictures.  Check out her Blog of more weddings at